Tips on How to Ride an e-Scooter Safely

Before riding your first electric scooter it’s important to take time to understand what is involved. It doesn’t matter whether it is petrol-powered or electric but if it is your first time riding a scooter then this article could be of interest to you. 

The good news is that electric scooters are very easy to ride. You don’t need to have prior knowledge to ride an e-scooter. 

Electric scooters are automatic which means there are no shifters, so you don’t need to change gears by stepping on the clutch and moving the shifter into the right gears.So you will not stall no matter what. However, there are some standard operating procedures to consider when riding an e-scooter.

Riding the Scooter Properly

In this part of the article, let’s discuss the various fundamentals that you need to know. This will give you the confidence and safety that you are looking for when you first ride that cool electric scooter of yours.

  • Read the manual: As obvious as it sounds, not everybody is patient enough to read manuals. Read the manual carefully and get to know all the features of your new e-scooter. The manuals are generally only a few pages and they contain crucial pieces of info that will make your journeys safer. 
  • Check road conditions: it is very important to check the weather before riding your electric scooter. If you are inexperienced, we recommend taking extra precautions. 
  • Knowing how to balance: If you are riding an electric scooter balancing is essential! Usually, people who know how to ride a bicycle can ride an e-scooter effortlessly even at their first attempt.
  • Get a grasp of the traffic rules: It doesn’t matter whether you are riding a fuel-based or e-scooter, you must know the traffic rules. This will keep you and the other riders safe at all times. Also make sure to check the regulations for electric scooters in your country.
  • Be vigilant: On the road, be aware at all times. Anticipate that the vehicle or person near you might a mistake at anytime. So you must ensure that you protect yourself by being careful and keep at least 2 meters of distance.
  • Check before you ride: Check your tyres. brakes. battery, throttle and potential damage in the frame of cabling. 

Riding your electric scooter for the first time can be nerve racking. Practice will build your confidence and skills. Your goal is always to be safe. It doesn’t matter how fast you can actually reach your destination but what’s more important is that you got there in one piece.

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