Best Range Electric Scooters

The Best Range Electric Scooters are those that will go the furthest on a single charge. Much of this is based on the Amp Hours (Ah) which is a measurement of the capacity of the battery.

Compromise of Improved Range

As the range of a scooter is based on the capacity of the battery this has an affect on charge time. As you would expect the larger the batteries capacity the longer it takes to charge.

Range comparisons

The ranges are rated as per the tests run by the manufacturer. Many factors may affect this range however several tests by the public, using the scooters in everyday life, do seem to yield similar results.

Some of the factors would be the weight of the user, whether the journey involves a lot of inclines, and whether the journey requires a lot of breaking which obviously waste energy. Despite many E Scooters having technology to recover some of the lost energy from breaking, they cannot recover it all so this is a fairly major factor.

Best Range Electric Scooters

Highest Range – FLJ K6 120 – 150 km

2nd Highest Range – Emove Cruiser 100 km

3rd Highest Range – Joyor Y10 90 – 100 km

4th Highest Range – Joyor G5 60 – 75 km