Gogoro Eeyo Electric Bikes
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Gogoro Eeyo Electric Bikes

Gogoro Eeyo electric bikes are simply lighter than other ebikes. Gogoro was founded nearly a decade ago, to take an active role in creating the cleaner, more connected cities we deserve. We knew from the start it would take more than designing and manufacturing just another electric vehicle to make a real impact. We had to address people’s needs in a way that worked with the lives and habits they’d already built.

In 2015 we launched our first scooter, and the Gogoro Network to power it. 2000 battery charging stations around Taiwan where a rider can pull up and replace their batteries with fully charged ones instantly. “Filling up” takes about 2 minutes – faster than pumping gas. And we at Gogoro can swap out batteries with newer, safer higher energy versions without a rider having to bring in their scooter for any replacement.

Why Choose Gogoro Eeyo?

The evolution of electric. At a mere 11.8 kg the Gogoro Eeyo 1 electric bike is simply lighter than other ebikes and has been designed from the ground up for an effortless, enjoyable ride. The Eeyo1 43.6-volt, 123Wh battery takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge and provides enough power to take you up to 30 miles with full power assist or up to 45 miles using eco-assist.  

The battery and motor are combined into a lightweight unit known as the Smartwheel and positioned in the back wheel. The Eeyo Smartwheel was designed by Gogoro from the ground up instead of pulling from existing technology. It brings the motor, battery and sensors together into one incredibly smart and lightweight wheel. A torque sensor in the Smartwheel will constantly measure how much effort the rider is putting in and send power from the battery to the motor to help out according to whichever mode they’re in.

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