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Emove by Voro Motors started out as a personal electric scooter retailer in Singapore. Through serving 1 customer at a time, pushing quality boundaries, we soon grew to become the leading premium electric scooter company.

Our mission is to turn alternative transport into a mainstream mode of transport through affordable, electric scooters. We are made up of a diverse collection of doers, that continuously reimagine the modern way of commuting. We have convinced a large amount of people that they can completely ditch their cars with the EMOVE Cruiser.

Over the years, we listened to our customers’ feedback, and started our own line of electric scooters, which is known as the “EMOVE” to the world today. We are heavily involved in the manufacturing side of things, from sourcing raw materials to setting up manufacturing processes and quality check processes with our Chinese partners. We do not just take a scooter frame and put a brand on it.

Why Choose Emove?

Every single electric scooter undergoes stringent quality testing to ensure that our riders receive products of superior quality.  Our team at Voro Motorsis extremely customer-centric. We always make it our utmost priority to serve you and all your queries.

We are proud to have the largest library of after-sales support content in the world on our official youtube channel: 


Imagine this: Your front tire is flat and you reside in Australia. We are located in Los Angeles. You are frustrated and extremely confused on how to start replacing the tire correctly without messing up the scooter.

Do you want to receive guidance through a website live chat or do you want to have a detailed step by step video walkthrough on how to replace the tire?

We have the most comprehensive library of video tutorials that can help all of our customers solve 99.99% of the issues they might face along the way. 

Emove provide access to all spare parts, even screws!

An electric scooter is made up of at least 150 moving parts. Anything can happen when you are riding at high speed – Such as screws loosen up and fall out of your scooter. 

Voro Motors is the only company in the world that stock up screws of every single size and put them up on our website for accessibility. 

Making sure that we have adequate spare parts is no small feat, we need to make complex preparations to ensure we have a constant inflow of the right sized screws, trained people in locating the right components for packing.

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