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LiteLock highly recommend the Flexi-O 52cm and the Flexi-U Regular as they can fit through most e-scooter wheels and frames.

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The issue with most bike locks is that while bikes are getting lighter and lighter, secure locks are getting heavier and heavier. That’s because it’s the thickness of the metal chains and tubes that provides the additional security, however it also makes them cumbersome, heavy and impractical.

Professor Neil Barron and his team harnessed the unique security properties of multiple innovative, lightweight materials to create a composite strap called Boaflexicore®. Each layer provides additional security, meaning that it can withstand sustained attack to the highest level from tools like bolt croppers and hacksaws.

Neil Barron is an industrial design graduate from the Royal College of Art, London with over 30 years of professional experience formerly as a qualified Aeronautical Engineer (Rolls-Royce aero engines) and latterly as an industrial designer and innovator.

He founded Gusto, a design and innovation consultancy, and through it has worked with a number of diverse clients including Boots, E.ON, Intel, Lego, The Body Shop and Unilever on the design and development of award winning products for international markets.

Why Choose LiteLok?

Litelok has won multiple awards from well respected institutions, such as the 2017 Best Bike Lock award by Cycling Plus (foldable category). Below is our ever growing collection of accolades and a summary of the awarding bodies that reviewed Litelok.


The Red Dot Design Award is an international seal of quality, given to a select few products each year that excel in product design, and communication design. 

They said “Litelok Gold Wearable presents an innovative version of a bicycle lock which is worn practically on the body and made of durable and therefore very safe material.”


Founded in 1986, the Independent is one of Britain’s leading newspapers. In their ‘12 best bike locks’ article they awarded the Litelok Gold Wearable the Indy Best Buy 2018. 

The article states “Born out of a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, the Litelok is the most innovative design we’ve seen in years.”  

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