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Unagi Electric Scooters believe technology has made it infinitely easier to communicate and far more difficult to connect—with the people, places, and experiences that mean the most to us. Unagi helps bridge that divide by bringing all the things you want be close to, a little bit easier, cheaper, and way more fun to get to.

We tried subways and Ubers, electric bikes and bike shares and even a skateboard. We sat in traffic, missed critical meetings, got grease on our pants and dirty looks when we lugged our bikes on the subway. We paid crazy parking fees (and fines) and pulled our hair out waiting at empty bike stations. We liked the scooter shares. All that time saved. All that fresh air. But they just always let us down. They weren’t there when we needed them or weren’t charged and weren’t powerful enough when they were. In the end, maybe we don’t like to share. And now, we don’t have to.

How we do it

First we designed the finest electric scooter on earth. Our mission is freedom. We are hellbent on liberating people from the tyranny of transportation frustrations – the costs, inconveniences, the carbon emissions. So, we built the ideal personal liberation device.

Then we figured out how to make it affordable. Our approach is direct-to-consumer, which allows us to put an Unagi scooter in the hands of everyone who could use one.

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