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FLJ Electric Scooters

FLJ Electric Scooters are built by experienced R&D engineers. By cooperating with university scientific research institute, FLJ is professionally engaged in industrial design and electrical design for Electric Scooter. The company has all kinds of advanced manufacturing equipment and testing instruments, applied 8S management and ISO9001:2008 system; all products meets international standard for CE, ROHS,CCC,FCC certificates

Why FLJ?

FLJ produce some of the fastest and highest range electric scooters on the market. Their expertise in the field cannot be ignored or under-estimated. They are the brand for those that want to take using electronic scooters to the next level.

The FLJ SpeedBike SK3, for example, has a 6000w dual engine and can reach speeds of 120km (just under 75 miles) per hour and range of 120km. That is fast enough to travel on the motor way in the UK and faster than the average speed of a UK Train.

Meanwhile the FLJ K6, while being able to travel at speeds of 85km (just under 53 miles) per hour, it can take you up to 150km (93 miles) in a single charge. That’s London to Oxford (about 55 miles) on a single charge with plenty to spare.

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